Dam & Pond Sealer - Earth Dams

  • Dam & Pond Sealer - Earth Dams

Aqua Plastech

Dam & Pond Sealer - Earth Dams

from R 460.00
  • Easy to apply
  • No need to empty your dam or pond before application
  • Non-toxic to plants and animals
  • No need for equipment
  • Possible to target specific areas
  • 100g per 1 M2
1 kg 4 kg 16 kg

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Aqua Plastech Dam & Pond Sealer provides a very convenient solution for sealing a leaking ground dam or pond. This specially formulated granular product is designed for easy and efficient application, reducing the need to rely on large equipment, external labor or introduced bulk materials such as bentonite.

Dam & Pond Sealer encourages water use efficiency by delivering a sealing solution that relies solely on simple application methods requiring no waiting time, no extra loss of precious water and no wasteful dumping of existing water.

Dam & Pond Sealer is a blended formulation of polymer granules that are 99% water insoluble which become active immediately upon application. Dam & Pond Sealer is sucked into the dam’s cracks and porous areas through hydraulic forces. This results in a positive seal caused by the massive growth of the polymer’s particle size. This process is further enhanced with the packing of super fine suspended particles attracted by the unique charge built into the product.

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1 kg
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4 litres
16 kg

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