Aqua Plastech - Innovative Sealants

Aqua Plastech was founded in 2015 and operations started in 2016.  We are determined to provide high quality waterproofing, sealant and dam sealants to the Sub-Saharan market hence our relationship with our Australian supplier Shalex Industries.  

Shalex industries is a specialist manufacturer of clear sealers and waterproofing compounds. With dedicated manufacturing facilities to control product quality Shalex products are manufactured in Australia and distributed throughout Australia and internationally.

Sealit was first developed in 1978 by Mr John Moss and was tested extensively in the field for over 5 years prior to release. A key milestone for the company came in 1983 with the release of Sealit Mulitpurpose product to the trade. Shalex quickly gained a solid reputation for the Sealit waterproofing product and as word of mouth spread from happy customers the product demand increased significantly. 

Aqua Plastech in cooperation with Shalex Industries is determined to provide a world class service and to ensure that only the best products tested in accordance to international standards are introducted to the market.